About The Author



Born in New York in the mid 1960s to a French-American mother, a historian and a French-Russian artist father, Barbara had to embrace change from a very early age. She was taken out of the school system, away from the big cities, to live a nomadic life and had to constantly adapt to new environments, moving from one North American Indian First Nation’s reservation to another. Quite frequently, she was simply dropped off to live with a new family. As a teen, she moved to Paris, France and later Nice. At age 23, she landed, of all places, in Monte-Carlo, where she planned to become a personal trainer. She was certified by the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) and the American College of Sports Medicine (A.C.S.M.), and became truly passionate about health and fitness.

But life had other plans for her. She got married, gave birth to two beautiful boys, homeschooled them for 8 years and whenever possible, the young family travelled to exotic and unusual places in the world. It may seem that she was living a fairytale, and in many ways she was, but very few people realize the true challenges and demands of such an unusual and unsteady lifestyle.

When she reached the age of 50, she was suddenly faced with a dramatic, all encompassing, life-altering change. It seemed that her life as she knew it, started spiraling downward. All at once, she was diagnosed with cancer and faced with a difficult divorce. And it was amidst this life upheaval, that she started to write her book “Change”. Indeed, these devastating challenges never wavered her love of life. Every day, in between job interviews, lawyer meetings and radiotherapy appointments, she would write her book, meditate, eat right and resiliently dive into the ocean for a daily swim. She worked out with tremendous discipline, inner conviction, belief and awareness, that change is a good thing. In fact, change is a necessity. For this reason, she wishes to share with you her inspiring and courageous vision of life, where change is a most positive and powerful tool. Once you learn to embrace it, you will thrive and create the life of your dreams.