This week why not bring more simplicity into your life?

 What if this week you decided to simplify all – or certain – aspects of your life?

Simplifying can be done in different ways. Indeed, it can mean, really slowing down the pace and deciding to intentionally do less.

It can also mean partaking in simple activities such as reading, going for a walk, communicating with nature, having a picnic instead of eating out.

What do you think would happen?

It may seem a bit challenging at first to undertake. You might even wonder if it is at all possible. The list of things you have to do each day is never ending. How on earth will you ever manage to do less?

But when you start to slow down, you will see that:

that’s when we start seeing things the way they really are.

That’s when we begin to face what we feel deep down inside.

That’s when the truth about our existence comes up to the surface.

So why not go from a life where processed foods, TV, social networking, crowded superficial clubs are replaced by a life of togetherness and simplicity and see how your life gets a deeper sense of meaning!

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