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Many years ago, I came up with the idea of creating my very own Personal Empowering Tapes (P.E.T.s.).

I would take the time to write a motivational text to boost myself out of what was troubling me. Then I would record it, add inspirational music in the background and head outdoors for a walk and listen to it. Taking the time to go over my problem and then brainwashing it with positivity really helped me put things back into perspective and move on with my life with a more positive approach.

Check Change n°05 from my book CHANGE – EMBRACING YOUR TRUE POWER to learn how to Create Your Very Own Positive Empowering Tapes. To help you, I have designed 5 very different P.E.T.s. You can download the first one “I AM ALLOWED” now to start reaping benefits today! You will also receive 4 other P.E.T.s absolutely FREE with the next 4 newsletters you receive.

These Podcasts offer numerous benefits. To name a few:

P.E.T.s Boost your Self-Esteem

Change how you feel about yourself. Start seeing your true potential. P.E.T. n°01, I Am Allowed, for example, helps you reinstate your power and reminds you that you too are allowed to receive the best of what life has to offer.

P.E.T.s Change your Thinking Pattern

Listen to P.E.T. n°04, I Am Open To Change and rid yourself of all those negative thoughts you have about yourself and others and start becoming a more positive person.

P.E.T.s are tailored to specific needs

Each P.E.T. is tailored to address a specific problem in your life. For example, P.E.T. n°20, I Am at Peace With My Food, will help you instill a healthy relationship with food whereas P.E.T. n° 27, Mindful Workout, will help you bring more intent in every workout thus leading to more visible results!

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P.E.T. n°01

I Am Allowed

P.E.T. n°04

I Am Open to Change

P.E.T. n°20

I am at Peace with my Food

P.E.T. n°22

Reconnecting With Food

P.E.T. n°27

Mindful Workout

A deep reflection about Change. The author really digs into the reasons why we can’t change and offers real solutions.
While sharing her own personal journey she invites us to do a bit of introspection (a better understanding of ourselves is the only true way to reach a profound and long-lasting change) proposing personal work spaces/pages. A reflection about our relationship with our body, the food we eat, our work environment… but also our relationship with others and ourselves. Very thorough. A must read. I just love your voice on the P.E.T.s, it is so essential when listening to a podcast to have a voice that is clear and pleasant to listen to.”

Anette S.

Yoga Instructor

Thank you, Barbara. Each P.E.T. has a way of boosting me and helps me tackle a specific problem I am going through. I have downloaded them on my phone and they are a great way to kickstart my jog, walk or workout. I also have 2 P.E.T.s about finding peace with my food that I find really helpful: I enjoy listening to them before a meal as they help me calm down, recenter and reconnect with my food.

Maïllis T.


Dear Barbara, after reading your book, change seemed to be something so easy, that my husband and I have both decided to give your approach a try and do it together!

We started off by really slowing things down in our lives and made sure we took special care of ourselves by filling out the Daily Positive Checklist every day. Then we decluttered our home completely, started to eat more mindfully and did an exercise challenge! All in one month’s time! Doing it together was highly motivating and has allowed us to really bond. The hardest part now is making our minds up to decide which change to tackle next! Thank you so much for making change exciting and so much fun.

Eric and Valery

Real Estate Agent and Hair Salon Manager