Standing tall – Posture Benefits and Techniques


Change the Way you Hold Yourself 

Why not commit this entire week to standing tall and / or improving your posture? 

Whether you like or not, the minute you walk out your door, the people you meet judge you from your appearance: the way look and dress but also by the way you hold yourself.

According to Olivia Fox Cabane the author of the must read Charisma Myth, the first few seconds you meet someone are key: indeed, within that very short lapse of time, you are judged, categorized, classified and filed away in a person’s brain according to that split second analysis.

Just a simple glance enables us to determine each other’s social and economic level, our level of education and even someone’s level of success.

Within that short time frame, we also decide whether we like and trust this person or not.

These first impressions are very hard to erase and are often indelible.

So, don’t minimize the importance of leaving a good first impression. 

You could start off by doing daily walks making sure your shoulders are back and down, your chin is up, your tummy is tucked in and that you are looking straight ahead (as opposed to looking at your feet).

Progressively, make sure you spend the rest of your day standing nice and tall.

For example, imagine a string coming out from the top of your head and that someone is gently pulling you upward.

Posture check

I like to check my posture regularly throughout the day.

The best way I have found is to place my back, buttocks and then shoulders and head up against a wall – I make sure to keep my feet 4 inches away from the wall.

You can contract your abs but just make sure you maintain your natural lower back curvature.  

Also, the back of your shouders should be in contact with the wall.

As a result, doing this posture check, allows me to immediately correct myself.

Many times I feel straight and tall but after doing the “Posture Check”, I realize that   my posture needs adjusting.

Check out Change n°02 “Stand Tall” from my book CHANGE to see what the benefits are of having a good posture and to get various solutions and techniques to improve it.

Stretching and Strengthening

I highly encourage you to do some specific strengthening and stretching exercises to improve your posture and I will be posting an article to specifically address this issue in the future. But in the meantime, here are a few tips:

On a regular basis, make sure you stretch most of the major  muscle groups of your body, especially your hamstrings, chest muscles and glutes.

You will, therefore, want to strengthen your core muscles (lower back and abs)  by doing crunches and the plank as well the superman exercise to aim your lower back.

Make sure you address your upper back as well. I highly recommend doing exercises that open and broaden your chest such as the pull-over, seated rowing machine or chest flies.

Letter of Commitment

When you decide to change something in your life, I find it important to commit to it in writing and to create as many visual cues as possible to remind yourself of your goal throughout the day.

Click here to download your free letter of commitment to standing nice and tall:


Five Affirmations

“I lift my head up high, pull my shoulders back and down, bring my tummy in and look ahead with confidence and kindness.”

“I stand tall and I am proud of who I am.” 

“It’s time to stand tall and believe. I deserve to reach my goals.”

“The minute I set my foot down in the morning I stand tall.”

“When I stand tall, my body’s energy flows freely and I emit a powerful message to the world: I am strong and worthy of recognition.”

Downloading your P.E.T. (Personal Empowering Tape)

You will find specific P.E.T.s (Personal Empowering Tapes) created especially for you, they can be downloaded so you can listen them to as you walk.

Eventually, you could also listen to them comfortably seated in your own home but I feel that these recordings are more empowering if you actually apply their principles (in other words  in this case, that you stand tall, walk with your shoulders back and down and with your chin up) while listening to them.

Indeed, the fact that you are literally walking means you are already taking action, adding an entire new dynamic to the whole process, which I feel is essential: you are now moving in the direction of your goal.

Click on the following link to download your “Stand Tall” P.E.T. 

P.E.T. n°02:  Stand Tall (coming soon)

In conclusion,t

In conclusion, this P.E.T. will motivate and encourage you to walk while standing nice and tall. Lift all that weight off from your shoulders. Start taking control of your life and be proud of who you are! 

Duration: 5:25

B.P.M.: 96 BPM

Theme: empowering

Music: epic 

Instruments: drums, percussions, electric guitar, string and brass instruments, harp.

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